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Dianthus is a forestry analysis company with cutting-edge expertise in geographic information analysis and remote sensing. We combine a vast forestry industry knowledge with more than 30 years of experience in providing clever and profitable solutions to our clients’ needs and questions. In our craft, we use tools such as system development, REST APIs, Computer Vision, AI, and Deep Learning. We love what we do and always put our clients’ needs first.



With XStream, you efficiently plan and execute transportation flows in forests and on roads to minimize direct and future costs, production losses, and environmental impact.

Forest Maps

Forest Maps is a SaaS service for automatic generation and maintenance of forestry registers and forest management plans. We provide you with a quick and comprehensive overview of your forest at a reasonable cost.


With our cloud service Co-Planning, landowners and reindeer owners share map materials in a seamless manner to effectively collaborate on future forestry measures and reindeer husbandry.
Current news

Dianthus samplanering.se – a service for smooth planning between forestry and reindeer husbandry

Dianthus together with Sveaskog have developed a web-based service where forestry and reindeer husbandry can smoothly joint plan their activities. The service has been used for several years by Sveaskog and by several Sami villages. Nowadays, SCA also fully utilizes Samplanering in their consultations with the reindeer husbandry industry, and the Swedish National Property Board (SFV) is now joining the initiative as well.


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What do our customers think?

Dianthus has a high level of expertise and is responsive to the customers wishes with effective decision paths, in addition, contributes with its own solution proposals that add value to the customer.
E Johansson, Method Development/Rationalization, SCA Skog
Dianthus delivers solutions beyond our expectations. Sometimes because they have broad and knowledge of the needs of the forest industry, but just as often because they are smart and dedicated.
Johan Ekenstedt, Technology Specialist Remote Sensing and Forest Data, Sveaskog

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