Dianthus samplanering – a service for Effective planning between forestry and reindeer husbandry

In the forest, a wide range of interests meet, such as forestry, outdoor life, tourism and reindeer husbandry. All have different purposes and goals but must coexist with others because the respective activities affect the others. One of the success factors for functioning and parallel operations is the opportunity to take part in each other’s plans and needs and, based on them, agree on appropriate measures.

Together with Sveaskog, Dianthus has developed a digital service where forestry and reindeer husbandry can easily co-plan their operations. The service is up and running and has been used by Sveaskog for a few years. Nowadays, SCA is also a user of the service.

– The goal is of course to get all large landowners who need co-planning with reindeer husbandry on board, says Daniel Nilede, head of Dianthus for the development of the service. We want people to co-plan the actual measures, not feel uncertain about whether the data is current or not, that all the conditions are in place and that you understand what applies.

Samplanering.se is a web application that can be run directly in the browser on computer, tablet or phone. Landowners and Sami villages share their maps to be able to easily discuss and co-plan forest measures such as logging, fertilization and road construction. A protocol, with everything you agree on, is then created and signed with BankID by both parties.

“We see a number of advantages with samplanering.se,” says Kristoffer Önneholm, IT Area specialist at SCA Skog AB. “It’s easy to share maps, which in turn provides better co-planning in terms of quality, consensus and efficiency. In addition, everything is saved so there is a traceability.

The service is owned by Dianthus and financed by the using landowners so that the Sami villages are not burdened with any costs. Comments and suggestions for improvement are continuously collected and handled in a joint administration.

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