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Multi-band AI model For Forest Stand Delineation
We at Dianthus are delighted to announce the unveiling of our upgraded and second AI model, specially...
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Dianthus samplanering – a service for Effective planning between forestry and reindeer husbandry
In the forest, a wide range of interests meet, such as forestry, outdoor life, tourism and reindeer husbandry....
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Dianthus and Södra take the next step for automatic Stand Delineation and forest Parameter Estimation
Dianthus, together with Södra Skogsägarna, has introduced a new gear to lift Dianthus’ service...
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Dianthus Road Analysis shows the way
Just in time for Christmas 2021, Stora Enso Skog was crowned with a complete analysis of all profitable...
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Now Johan Bergström is on board Dianthus!
Since the beginning of September, Johan Bergström has been part of Dianthus’ team. “It’s...
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Dianthus Forwarding Optimization
For SCA Forest we have developed Dianthus Forwarding Optimization. The software optimizes main forwarding...
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SCA and Dianthus forwarding optimize together
There is now an interesting article about SCA’s and Dianthus’ forwarding optimization in...
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Rapid orthophoto production service
For Sveaskog we have developed a web-based service for rapidly producing orthophotos from drone aerial...
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5-10 times more efficient drone photography
We are launching the unique global web service rapiddronemap.se for drones in the fight against the bark...
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SCA Forest Road Building Analysis Tool
A lot of money can be saved by building and restoring forest roads in a structured way. Our developed...
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