Dianthus Road Analysis shows the way

Just in time for Christmas 2021, Stora Enso Skog was crowned with a complete analysis of all profitable road projects within their holdings over the next 20 years. The analysis is a perfect basis for planning at a strategic level, budgeting and forecasting and a bridge to operational road design in eg.  Dianthus Road Calculus.

With the help of our combined expertise and technology in forestry road maintenance, we were able to meet Stora Enso’s need to objectively calculate the entire holding to get a complete picture of the needs.

The analysis consists of a few key components. The starting point is, of course, future timber harvesting and its distribution over time and space. Based on the existing road network and known obstacles in the terrain, the off-road transport need is then calculated. With this as a basis, it is finally possible to calculate where it is more profitable to build a road instead of driving the timber in the forest.
The analysis results in a map where the road proposals are plotted, which stocks contribute to the current route distributed over time together with a compilation of the proposals in table format.

The collaboration with Stora Enso allowed us to develop and refine the methodology for more large-scale geographical analyses. With short development cycles, joint planning and ongoing reconciliations, we helped each other to keep the project tight and to focus on the goal.

With Dianthus Road Analysis and Dianthus Road Calculation in the portfolio, we strengthen our offering of road maintenance. And there’s more to come.

Example of automatically found profitable road proposal (orange line) together with calculated off-road transport flows (red lines). The bars show the amount of timber and the colour of the felling areas shows the five-year period (within the twenty-year period) in which felling takes place. Areas with some kind of obstacle are displayed with yellow grid.
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