Now Johan Bergström is on board Dianthus!

Since the beginning of September, Johan Bergström has been part of Dianthus’ team.

“It’s incredible that we’ve got Johan on board our boat. We see that a lot is happening in the forest industry right now, where the need for digitalization and for our solutions is increasing significantly. It’s time to put in a new gear. Our customers must be able to feel secure and long-term in what we do. Therefore, it is important that we review our product and service offering in general and specifically how we develop, deliver and manage our customer-oriented solutions. Johan complements me and Daniel in an excellent way through his experience and expertise in change management, business development and project management. Right from day one, Johan has been up-and-running and we already see clear and measurable differences in our way of working and in what way we meet our customers, says Dianthus CEO Fredrik Walter enthusiastically.

“Dianthus is an extremely exciting company that has for a long time developed innovative solutions with cutting-edge that have made a difference for many players in Swedish forestry,” says Johan. I believe I can complement Dianthus in such a way that we can strengthen our existing products and services plus we can free up capacity to realize everything exciting that sits on the idea board and that is in the test bench.

Johan has always worked in the IT and forestry interface with development issues. Initially as a GIS specialist, then as a researcher at Skogforsk and then responsible for business-related IT and business development at Sveaskog. During the last six years at Sveaskog, Johan was also the program leader for a change program in the timber flow where both a completely new timber flow planning system and working methods were developed and introduced.

From September 2021, Johan is now a consultant through his own company Aim4Change AB and a partner to Dianthus AB.

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